Create a Macro to draw a horizontal line in Textpad

Tip Courtesy: Veera Sundar ( )

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + R (Record Macro), which starts a macro recording session.
2. Continuously press the ‘_’ (underscore) character for about 100 chars length (which now looks like a horizontal line).
3. Then again press Ctrl + Shift + R, which stops the current macro recording session and asks the file name and macro name to save the recorded macro. Give ‘Draw Line’ as the macro name.
4. After this a new menu option ‘Draw Line’ will be added to ‘Macros‘ menu.

Now whenever you want to insert a horizontal line, you just need to choose the menu option ‘Macros -> Draw Line‘ which will do the rest for you.

The created macro will be saved to C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Application Data\TextPad folder with .tpm file extension. In case you want to delete the macro simply delete the .tpm file from the above location.



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