Election Results Day

Today is the elec­tion results day of the largest demo­c­ra­t­ic nation in the world.This is the first time I cast my vote after miss­ing it 5 years back.Henceforth I shall vote reg­u­lar­ly every 5 years. In 2004 I was in our col­lege can­teen by the time results are announced and I clear­ly remem­ber how pale NCB’s face was.This time I don’t have access to TV and hence relied on inter­net.

I am very dis­ap­point­ed by this elec­tion results. None of pre­dic­tions were valid. Nev­er­the­less, there are some goodies.I am per­son­al­ly hap­py that:

[1] At Cen­ter, peo­ple gave pow­er to at least one sin­gle party.Otherwise these region­al par­ties would have been worst night­mare to India as a coun­try.
[2] In state, good that peo­ple ditched TRS, PRP , CPI/M etc spoil­ers. These are the peo­ple who dreamt of turn­ing the wheel but were unfor­tu­nate­ly crushed by it.Now they know what they are.
[3] Peo­ple taught good les­son for politi­cians who shamess­ly shift­ed par­ties.
[4] Peo­ple taught les­son for a mega star, his broth­ers and his fans.The show-off they did, Oh My God, hor­ri­ble.
[5] KCR and his Telan­gana will have to wait for 5 more years. With 2 MPs and 9 MLAs, there is noth­ing much he could do.Nobody both­ers about him now.Poor KCR.

PS:- The can­di­date who deserved my vote did­n’t man­age to get fel­low cit­i­zens votes.



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