September 2008

  • iPhone…be affordable.

    I tem­porar­i­ly post­poned my want­i­ng for iPhone.Now Nokia E51 looks even more impres­sive than earlier.I think I can wait some more time to get iPhone until it matures in Indi­an mar­ket. Read more

  • Hail Airtel!

    Blog­ging after a real­ly long break. Block­ing at work­place impact­ed my blog­ging bad­ly. Thanks to Web­sense wide­ly described as web-non-sense at my office. Final­ly I was able to get the most cov­et­ed Air­tel Broad­band con­nec­tion to my Home on 23rd Aug 2008.It is real­ly good. Con­nec­tiv­i­ty , Speed and espe­cial­ly Cus­tomer Care is real­ly impressive.If you… Read more

  • Using pre tag for code snippets.

    Blog­ger used to irri­tate me when I have to type any code snip­pet in couri­er font.But this is only until Susam Pal sug­gest­ed the use of <pre></pre> tag. Thanks Susam for this knowledge.Susam also has his blog .If you are a Math buff, his blog is one of the good one to sub­scribe. PS:- While I am typ­ing… Read more

  • Keyboard shortcut to change case while typing

    While typ­ing word doc­u­ments Shift + F3 can be used to change the case of the text. The same can be achieved by choos­ing Menu → For­mat → Change Case. But noth­ing beats a key­board short­cut. Hence it is worth remem­ber­ing. It saves a lot of time. Read more