Month: September 2008

iPhone…be affordable.

I temporarily postponed my wanting for iPhone.Now Nokia E51 looks even more impressive than earlier.I think I can wait some more time to get iPhone until it matures in Indian market.

Hail Airtel!

Blogging after a really long break. Blocking at workplace impacted my blogging badly. Thanks to Websense widely described as web-non-sense at my office.

Finally I was able to get the most coveted Airtel Broadband connection to my Home on 23rd Aug 2008.It is really good. Connectivity , Speed and especially Customer Care is really impressive.If you have connectivity in your area just go for Airtel.It never lets you repent.

Using pre tag for code snippets.

Blogger used to irritate me when I have to type any code snippet in courier font.But this is only until Susam Pal suggested the use of <pre></pre> tag.

Thanks Susam for this knowledge.Susam also has his blog .If you are a Math buff, his blog is one of the good one to subscribe.

PS:- While I am typing this I forgot about & l t ; and & g t ; for but am able to recollect and use here :))

Keyboard shortcut to chage case while typing

While typing word documents Shift + F3 can be used to change the case of the text. The same can be achieved by choosing Menu –> Format –> Change Case.

But nothing beats keyboard shortcut.Hence it is worth remembering.It saves lot of time.