2007 in the hindsight

If there is one word which I can use to describe how 2007 was for me, it would be “UNCERTAIN” . 2007 was the year I spent much of time in uncer­tain­ty.

There were many good hap­pen­ings like engagement(Feb‑4) , marriage(Mar-29) , got new job offer(May-25) , start­ed life with LOVEOFMYLIFE (Jun-24), role change(Oct‑5) etc. Equal­ly were the not-so-good things like could­n’t real­ize onsite dream, ortho­don­tic treat­ment got dis­con­tin­ued, stuck at unwant­ed loca­tion etc.

I made few very good friends and hap­pened to meet many assholes.Unfortunately num­ber of ass­holes far exceeds num­ber of good rela­tions.

My Res­o­lu­tions for 2007 were total­ly ignored, my onsite dream was shat­tered, my new job offer was expired and my wish to move to Hyder­abad was unful­filled.

My spend­ing habits were pos­i­tive­ly changed and I became very dis­ci­plined spender.Started count­ing every rupee I spend.I have been able to keep my word to all my lenders and I got rid of most of my debt.

Per­son­al­ly 2007 has been a great year at least though I faced many unex­pect­ed deba­cles in my work life for which, I have to work for bet­ter­ment in 2008.



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