2007 in the hindsight

If there is one word which I can use to describe how 2007 was for me, it would be “UNCERTAIN” . 2007 was the year I spent much of time in uncertainty.

There were many good happenings like engagement(Feb-4) , marriage(Mar-29) , got new job offer(May-25) , started life with Sailu (Jun-24), role change(Oct-5) etc. Equally were the not-so-good things like couldn’t realize onsite dream, orthodontic treatment got discontinued, stuck at unwanted location etc.

I made few very good friends and happened to meet many assholes.Unfortunately number of assholes far exceeds number of good relations.

My Resolutions for 2007 were totally ignored, my onsite dream was shattered, my new job offer was expired and my wish to move to Hyderabad was unfulfilled.

My spending habits were positively changed and I became very disciplined spender.Started counting every rupee I spend.I have been able to keep my word to all my lenders and I got rid of most of my debt.

Personally 2007 has been a great year at least though I faced many unexpected debacles in my work life for which, I have to work for betterment in 2008.

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