Bouncing back…soon!

Already one month turned past in the New Year.

This year I inten­tion­al­ly did­n’t make any resolutions.But in my mind I am very much clear and aware of what one (yes…only one thing) thing I should do in this year for my own benefit.But I did­n’t doc­u­ment it any­where. After all, it is only one thing and my mem­o­ry is not poor!

But if I review this year till now, I haven’t woke up at 5AM on any day. I am killing time like any­thing. I am get­ting too much into time-killing activ­i­ties like play­ing com­put­er games at home(I com­plete­ly stopped touch­ing book when at home), brows­ing too much on Inter­net.


Even if I make mis­take and allow myself to be dis­tract­ed, it is nor­mal and nat­ur­al and not the end of the world.Though it is painful that I have dis­ap­point­ed myself, I still can bounce back.

And I am bounc­ing back short­ly to all my good habits which I paused tem­porar­i­ly.

As I read some­where- Win­ners and losers will both stum­ble. The dif­fer­ence is, win­ners have learned to quick­ly get back up.



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