Tirupathi Trip

Last week­end trip to Tiru­pathi has been a mix of emo­tions.

Here is why.

Ten­sion : when we start­ed at 6 PM to reach Majes­tic by 8PM. [Fri­day, 14-Dec-07]

Relief : when we reached Majes­tic at 7:55 PM and rushed to catch 8PM APSRTC bus to Tiru­pathi and final­ly got into it.[Friday, 14-Dec-07]

Excite­ment : when we start­ed on path­way to won­der­ful Sev­en Hills.[1030hrs Sat­ur­day, 15-Dec-07]

Joy : when we fin­ished all 3600 steps in 6 hrs.[1630hrs Sat­ur­day, 15-Dec-07]

Dis­ap­point­ment : when we count­ed on some­one to get Kalyanam tick­ets for us.[1900hrs Sat­ur­day, 15-Dec-07]

Ner­vous­ness : when we were stuck in the queue for Free Darshan[2100hrs Sat­ur­day, 15-Dec-07 and through out the night]

Curi­ous : when we wait­ed in the queue from 5AM for the Arji­tam counter to open at 8AM to buy Kalyanam tick­ets by ourselves.Uncle start­ed wait­ing from 3 AM[0500hrs Sun­day, 16-Dec-07]

Hap­pi­ness : when we got the Kalyanam tickets.[0845hrs Sun­day, 16-Dec-07], when we got return tick­ets to Hyder­abad, when we had Dar­shan of Sri Kala­hastiswara Swa­mi, when we sold our Ban­ga­lore return tick­ets for 350/-, when we went out to shop in Tirumala.[1000hrs till 2200hrs Sun­day, 16-Dec-07]

Excite­ment : when we start­ed in queue at 8AM for Kalyanam.Reporting time is 10AM and actu­al per­form­ing time of Sri vari Kalyanam is 12PM.[0800hrs till 1230hrsMonday, 17-Dec-07]
Bliss : when I got the priv­i­lege to Dar­shan the Splen­did and Mag­nif­i­cent Lord Venkateswara.Got 2 big and 5 small much-sought-after Prasadam Lad­dus and 2 vadas[1300hrs Mon­day, 17-Dec-07]

This is the third year in row I had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to vis­it the Holy Tirumala.In 2005, I went with mom and dad, in 2006 with Sri­hari and in 2007 with LOVEOFMYLIFE,uncle, aunt and bob­by.

For all the above rea­sons, this trip will sure­ly be mem­o­rable to me.



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