Weekend trip to Trivandrum

Last weekend [ 31-Aug-07(started), 1-Sep-07 and 2-Sep-07(returned)] trip to Trivandrum went very satisfactorily. All the objectives of my trip were met also I could help Uncle and Aunt by delivering some goods to their daughter.

I am really worried about this trip from long time.It got postponed couple of times due to unavailability of tickets and all.I am thinking to go to Trivandrum from July but at last I could go now, at the end of August.I have been thinking how to bring my huge 4X6 Duroflex mattress, Computer table and chair all the way from Trivandrum to Bangalore.Also my orthodontic treatment went for toss as I didn’t visit any doctor since 24-Jan-07, the day before I started to Bangalore.

At last I found GATI to move my goods.Though they charged 2700 INR including packing charges of 1000 INR. I had no other option and am thinking their service will be good.I will confirm that once I receive my goods in Bangalore.I hope my goods will be intact :-))

Doctor visit also went well and he didn’t charge me anything extra for this visit as I paid him already.

I stayed for 2 days completely at Uncle’s house. Aunt even packed me lunch and dinner for my return journey as usual. I was very disappointed to see Uncle depressed for the reasons which are beyond his control.He was very different from how he was when I was there.He became weak both physically and mentally though Aunt is quite normal.Not that she has now worries but she could cope up with the situation I guess.But Uncle changed completely.He is unnecessarily worrying for smaller things.I sincerely pray God to help such a good people to get rid of all their troubles.

I couldn’t forget Jacob Uncle’s house where I spent my second stint in Trivandrum.That house gave me many memories to cherish.That is why I felt nostalgic when I entered that house to pack my belongings.I could still see all my BT and BW magazines, my Laptop and Furniture bills lying there.

The only two things I can never forget about Trivandrum are: [1] The love and affection shown by Philips Uncle and Elcy Aunt by treating me as their son [2] The house they rented to me.

Also in the return journey I was a bit irritated by people who didn’t buy reservation ticket but boarded my bogie.Cant help sometimes.My bogie was so much crowded because of them.Now that I was in happy state of mind, they couldn’t disturb me much.

I was surprised when Doctor Vinod Krishnan told that he found his name in one of my earlier blog posts when he was searching for his name in Google.

I should definitely visit Kerala and Trivandrum in particular along with LOVEOFMYLIFE sometime.



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