Weekend trip to Trivandrum

Last week­end [ 31-Aug-07(started), 1‑Sep-07 and 2‑Sep-07(returned)] trip to Trivan­drum went very sat­is­fac­to­ri­ly. All the objec­tives of my trip were met also I could help Uncle and Aunt by deliv­er­ing some goods to their daugh­ter.

I am real­ly wor­ried about this trip from long time.It got post­poned cou­ple of times due to unavail­abil­i­ty of tick­ets and all.I am think­ing to go to Trivan­drum from July but at last I could go now, at the end of August.I have been think­ing how to bring my huge 4X6 Duroflex mat­tress, Com­put­er table and chair all the way from Trivan­drum to Bangalore.Also my ortho­don­tic treat­ment went for toss as I did­n’t vis­it any doc­tor since 24-Jan-07, the day before I start­ed to Ban­ga­lore.

At last I found GATI to move my goods.Though they charged 2700 INR includ­ing pack­ing charges of 1000 INR. I had no oth­er option and am think­ing their ser­vice will be good.I will con­firm that once I receive my goods in Bangalore.I hope my goods will be intact :-))

Doc­tor vis­it also went well and he did­n’t charge me any­thing extra for this vis­it as I paid him already.

I stayed for 2 days com­plete­ly at Uncle’s house. Aunt even packed me lunch and din­ner for my return jour­ney as usu­al. I was very dis­ap­point­ed to see Uncle depressed for the rea­sons which are beyond his control.He was very dif­fer­ent from how he was when I was there.He became weak both phys­i­cal­ly and men­tal­ly though Aunt is quite normal.Not that she has now wor­ries but she could cope up with the sit­u­a­tion I guess.But Uncle changed completely.He is unnec­es­sar­i­ly wor­ry­ing for small­er things.I sin­cere­ly pray God to help such a good peo­ple to get rid of all their trou­bles.

I could­n’t for­get Jacob Uncle’s house where I spent my sec­ond stint in Trivandrum.That house gave me many mem­o­ries to cherish.That is why I felt nos­tal­gic when I entered that house to pack my belongings.I could still see all my BT and BW mag­a­zines, my Lap­top and Fur­ni­ture bills lying there.

The only two things I can nev­er for­get about Trivan­drum are: [1] The love and affec­tion shown by Philips Uncle and Elcy Aunt by treat­ing me as their son [2] The house they rent­ed to me.

Also in the return jour­ney I was a bit irri­tat­ed by peo­ple who did­n’t buy reser­va­tion tick­et but board­ed my bogie.Cant help sometimes.My bogie was so much crowd­ed because of them.Now that I was in hap­py state of mind, they could­n’t dis­turb me much.

I was sur­prised when Doc­tor Vin­od Krish­nan told that he found his name in one of my ear­li­er blog posts when he was search­ing for his name in Google.

I should def­i­nite­ly vis­it Ker­ala and Trivan­drum in par­tic­u­lar along with LOVEOFMYLIFE some­time.


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