Moved to new Home

Just 2 hrs back I shift­ed every­thing from my old home to new home again in Elec­tron­ics City in Ban­ga­lore suburb.This new home is also close to office. Just 15 min­utes of brisk walk from work.

As LOVEOFMYLIFE is in Vema­giri, I had to do all alone and I did it finally.Felt very tired.Carried so much of weights to sec­ond floor all by myself. Ok. Past is past.Finally it is worth the effort.

What we feel we gained by mov­ing to new home:

  1. This is brand new house and we are the first ten­ants.
  2. Looks bet­ter than old house in terms of floor­ing , fit­tings and oth­er fin­ish­ings.
  3. No need to walk on the mud­dy road.
  4. 24 hrs water sup­ply.
  5. Water flows in kitchen sink tap unlike in old house.
  6. Big­ger kitchen and bath room.
  7. One wash basin is pro­vid­ed in the hall.

Our pre­vi­ous home has none of the above comforts.So we thought its worth spend­ing 250/- more for rent and 5K ( total 15K advance) more as advance.

Till yes­ter­day I was wor­ry­ing if I could do this today.So at last its past now and next chal­lenge is to fin­ish the Trivan­drum trip suc­cess­ful­ly. I already fixed appoint­ments with the doc­tor and par­cel agent.Once I fin­ish that trip too I can rest for some­time and con­cen­trate again on oth­er impor­tant things.

More about the trip once I come back on Mon­day.


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