The AM , PM confusion and the mistake I did

I could have post­ed on 30th Jan­u­ary, 2007 but bet­ter late than nev­er.

When a PM in blore called me for an onsite offer,with great enthu I start­ed on last week Thurs­day to blore from tvm by train leav­ing my beloved aunt and uncle and the house they rent­ed to me.Also I found this week­end as a per­fect time to go hyd and meet my fiancee.Guess what, I imme­di­ate­ly booked Spice­Jet to hyd from blore on Fri­day itself and then return on sunday.I reached blore on fri­day morn­ing 6:30Am and by 7:30 AM I am in ECC.

After refresh­ing I start­ed at 1:30PM to Forum, shopped for myself and bought 2 gifts for my fiancee and then went to Air­port to catch the flight and land­ed in hyd by 8:00PM,late by 2 hrs.Then checked in at friends house and start­ed to see my fiancee at their house on Sat­ur­day morn­ing.

I am very excit­ed about meet­ing her and her father after a long time that too at their home.Saturday went well.We talked for long hours sit­ting side-by-side, went togeth­er to shop and had din­ner togeth­er at a restau­rant and then left her back at her home and start­ed to my friends place.

Sun­day morn­ing again I went to her house and I was real­ly unhap­py as I have to leave to blore by afternoon.I real­ly did­nt like to leave her but had to move on. So unwill­ing­ly I sat on my father-in-laws scoot­er and head­ed to hyd airport.I bid good bye to him and went to Spice­Jet check-in counter.

I was tak­en aback when I found that all the Spice­Jet coun­ters were emp­ty! The flight SG219 to blore is sched­uled at 00:45AM. I over­looked it as 12:45PM :-((. what to do? I again ran after coun­ters of all oth­er air­lines enquir­ing about next flight to blore with low­fare. Final­ly stopped at Go Air to buy a blore tick­et for next day (mon­day 8:20AM) and again bought a tick­et spend­ing 4250 INR :-(( and then went back to my fiancees home.They were shocked to see me back and learned the mis­take I did. but what else can they do.They cant blame my mis­take and hence they said OK. but the sad part is that I should not eat or sleep at their home because we were yet to be engaged.So final­ly decid­ed to can­cel Go Air tick­et as well and start by bus that night itself on Sunday.My father-in-law bought one bus tick­et from APSRTC for me and said bye to me at 8:00PM Sun­day.

Then start­ed my tra­vails. The pain of leav­ing her cou­pled with this stu­pid mis­take and the thoughts of spend­ing whole night in bus made me real sick. But what to do. No oth­er go.That bus was going too slow.I board­ed at 8:00 PM Sun­day and it reached Majes­tic at 10:45 AM Mon­day. Then I rushed to city bus stand to catch Vol­vo to E‑city,reached ECC by 12:15 PM and report­ed to my PM at 1:30 PM Mon­day.

I did this sil­ly mis­take oth­er­wise this week­end would have been more mem­o­rable for pleas­ant rea­sons!


Pos­i­tives: [1] Learned good les­son to be more care­ful about details.
[2] Spent few more hours with my fiancee.

Neg­a­tives: [1] Lost 2,600 INR ( Spice­Jet fare to blore 2000 + Go Air can­cel­la­tion charges 600)
[2] 3650 INR ( Fare 4250 — Can­cel­la­tion charges 600) got locked in with Go Air as they issued Cred­it Note instead of return­ing mon­ey.
[3] Suf­fered for more than 12 hrs in bus.
[4] Trou­bled my fiancee and her father.He plied me from Miya­pur to Air­port amidst irri­tat­ing traf­fic with­out know­ing that I wud be back on the same road after him :-((

Nev­er­the­less, I learnt a good les­son! Time to be more care­ful!!!

Now I am stay­ing in ECC room#109, am look­ing for­ward to work on this new project and await­ing onsite in 30 more days!


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