My Flight Itineraries

Fly­ing, at some point of my life seemed to be a dis­tant dream.Taking the tick­et price into account, I could not have afford­ed until sometime.But thanks to Air Dec­can, it made peo­ple with aver­age income lev­els like me to afford flight.

So my first flight was Air Dec­can from Cochin to Hyder­abad on 4th of Novem­ber 2006.For that I paid 4000/- . I flew it out of necessity.I flew because I have to meet LOVEOFMYLIFE in Hyder­abad and I have only week­end.

Then I flew Spice­Jet from Ban­ga­lore to Hyder­abad to meet her dad on 26th of Jan­u­ary 2007.And I missed the return flight by mis­in­ter­pret­ing 0045 hrs as 12:45PM :-(( But this has been a very good learn­ing experience.After this bit­ter expe­ri­ence, even these days I will ver­i­fy sched­ules 1000 times.I did one more mis­take by pur­chas­ing GoAir one way tick­et to Ban­ga­lore for 4000/- and again can­cel­ing the same , all in hurry.I lost 600 as can­cel­la­tion charges and got cred­it note for the bal­ance 3400/-. This is when I under­stood the mean­ing of cred­it note.

Next I flew GoAir from Ban­ga­lore to Hyder­abad for my mar­riage shop­ping on 17th of March 2007 avail­ing the cred­it note. Then I flew Spice­Jet from Ban­ga­lore to Hyder­abad and Air Dec­can from Hyder­abad to Rajah­mundry on 24th of March 2007 for my mar­riage.

Final­ly I flew Air Dec­can again to spend my birth­day with LOVEOFMYLIFE in Hyder­abad on 15th of June and returned on 18th of June to Ban­ga­lore.

I enjoyed all my flights very much. I fly main­ly to avoid long trav­el hours by bus/train. I would rather spend few bucks more to save my trav­el time.But now I don’t know how long I can con­tin­ue this.

I liked air trav­el very much.I enjoyed the feel­ing of float­ing in clouds very much.

I have trav­elled all low cost car­ri­ers except Indigo.I don’t think it would be any dif­fer­ent from the LCCs I flew.So I am not inter­est­ed in this.

So here are my next 2 fly­ing dream

[1] Fly King­fish­er and Jet along with LOVEOFMYLIFE.
[2] Make my par­ents fly any LCC.

Will def­i­nite­ly real­ize them soon!



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