My new year resolutions

Today on my way back to office from hos­pi­tal in auto I just con­tem­plat­ed a bit and decid­ed to come up with some res­o­lu­tions for New Year 2007. Until now I had no habit of mak­ing res­o­lu­tions. So what? I will start from next year. New Year, New Habits 🙂

I am just jot­ting down in the order they struck to my mind.

One: Increase finan­cial apti­tude.

Two: Start invest­ing and sav­ing (and hence Tax plan­ning).

Three: Learn dis­ci­plined spend­ing.

Four: Learn XML relat­ed tech­nolo­gies and take one exter­nal cer­ti­fi­ca­tion on XML.

Five: Take SCWCD cer­ti­fi­ca­tion.

Six: Read Wren and Mar­tin High School Gram­mar book. There is a lot of room for improve­ment of my Eng­lish gram­mar 🙂

Sev­en: Read, Read and Read. Lots of gen­er­al books are pend­ing.

Eight: Com­plete ‘Think with­out Ink’ book

Nine: Learn to dri­ve bike com­fort­ably in traf­fic with pil­lion rid­er. U know, I can go above 100 if I m the only one on the road 🙂

Ten: Just mind my own business.Dont waste time by involv­ing in unnec­es­sary mat­ters and issues. Just be focused on my goals and aspi­ra­tions.

Duh! That’s the list of 10 things not only I wish to do…but I will do in 2007.Well I am a good plan­ner and that is not the end. I am a good execu­tor too :-)Just recent­ly I woke up and real­ized that the prob­lem is not in exe­cu­tion but in plan­ning. I don’t know why and what to do. If that is the case for­get about how to do. It’s been exact­ly the case with me…but only till now. Cer­tain­ly not from next year 🙂



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