My new year resolutions

Today on my way back to office from hospital in auto I just contemplated a bit and decided to come up with some resolutions for New Year 2007. Until now I had no habit of making resolutions. So what? I will start from next year. New Year, New Habits 🙂

I am just jotting down in the order they struck to my mind.

One: Increase financial aptitude.

Two: Start investing and saving (and hence Tax planning).

Three: Learn disciplined spending.

Four: Learn XML related technologies and take one external certification on XML.

Five: Take SCWCD certification.

Six: Read Wren and Martin High School Grammar book. There is a lot of room for improvement of my English grammar 🙂

Seven: Read, Read and Read. Lots of general books are pending.

Eight: Complete ‘Think without Ink’ book

Nine: Learn to drive bike comfortably in traffic with pillion rider. U know, I can go above 100 if I m the only one on the road 🙂

Ten: Just mind my own business.Dont waste time by involving in unnecessary matters and issues. Just be focused on my goals and aspirations.

Duh! That’s the list of 10 things not only I wish to do…but I will do in 2007.Well I am a good planner and that is not the end. I am a good executor too :-)Just recently I woke up and realized that the problem is not in execution but in planning. I don’t know why and what to do. If that is the case forget about how to do. It’s been exactly the case with me…but only till now. Certainly not from next year 🙂



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