Few days back when I was brows­ing one of my favorite sites on the inter­net: pravs­world dot com, I saw the fol­low­ing lines on Love.

Love is so pow­er­ful because being loved caus­es one to love one­self. Noth­ing
con­tributes to the self-image more than being loved by anoth­er. When the words ‘I love you’ are expressed to you for the first time, your world blos­soms, your heart glows with inspi­ra­tion, con­fi­dence and thoughts of the moun­tains you can move. It’s more than an emo­tion­al kick; sud­den­ly you like your­self more than you have ever before.

That is exact­ly how I am feel­ing from the past two months and will con­tin­ue for the rest of my life. The only way to know it is to expe­ri­ence it.


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