iPhone 14 Pro

I ordered a new iPhone!

14 Pro it is, to replace the orig­i­nal iPhone SE that I bought in April 2016. Lov­ing the Dynam­ic Island.

It is excit­ing because I am fru­gal with gad­gets (and every­thing gen­er­al­ly!) and I buy iPhones only a few times in a decade. So this is a big moment in the house.

Like any phone Apple made, I would say the iPhone SE the 14 Pro is replac­ing is still good as Apple gen­er­al­ly claims on Switch­ing to iPhone page on their web­site .

I could squeeze anoth­er year out of the SE if I could put up with a fussy 6.5‑year-old bat­tery. But I felt like SE has served us well, and was excit­ed to upgrade.

I think iPhones are well made and last real­ly long if I use them care­ful­ly, bar­ring any unlucky tum­bles. That’s why I pre­fer giv­ing my mon­ey to Apple than its shab­by copy­cats.

I am now look­ing for­ward to the iPhone 15 Pro to replace the iPhone 7.


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