Turning off top Tweets on twitter.com

The first thing I noticed with Twitter.com’s redesign is that the algo­rith­mic time­line (aka top Tweets) is set as the default.

A few days ago I wast­ed some time look­ing to change this set­ting in the More > Set­tings and pri­va­cy page. I could­n’t find it there. I then googled, but still could­n’t find the answer.

I googled again today and found the solu­tion in this Mash­able post.

The time­line pref­er­ence set­ting is moved from Set­tings > Account > Con­tent to the cen­tre-right of the home page.

Changing twitter timeline preference

The bright side is that at least now it is eas­i­er to change the pref­er­ence if Twit­ter zeal­ous­ly over­rides it, as it does from time to time, like on the mobile app.




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