Goodbye, Facebook.

This Vox article I found in a colleague’s tweet convinced me to delete my Facebook account. I had my Facebook account for about ten years. Naturally my usage was high at the start circa 2010 and has steadily reduced over the years.

Now I have a test account devoid of my personal details or photos using an email address that I use specifically for this kind of dummy profiles. I need this test account for my work. So I will have to keep it until Facebook becomes extinct.

I haven’t turned cold turkey on Facebook. I haven’t shared anything of substance on Facebook for years now. I didn’t have Facebook on my phone for 5 years. I mostly used Facebook as a convenience to login to some of the other sites I use. Now I felt like I need to finally stop using it even for those few things I use it for.

Facebook is kind of uncool anyway.

By Chaitanya

I am a family man, perpetual learner, coffee drinker, dessert eater and Happiness Engineer at Automattic. I also read, write, move, and meditate.

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