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Lis­ten­ing to Matt’s pod­casts is one of my favorite ways to spend my free time. I wish I made a list of all Mat­t’s pod­casts I heard over the years. But some­how I missed that. And it is too late now.


Last night I lis­tened OFF RCRD episode with Matt (tran­script). It was great to hear him men­tion­ing Deci­sion Jour­nals and Far­nam Street Blog. He also men­tioned Brain­pick­ings and On Being blogs. They are great as well, but I delib­er­ate­ly keep the list of blogs I read short.

I start­ed read­ing Far­nam Street Blog only recent­ly when some­one at work shared this great post on Habits vs Goals. I liked this post and many oth­ers on this blog and feel like I am learn­ing a lot.

I book­marked the post on deci­sion jour­nal and will check it out once I fin­ish read­ing rest of the books I have on desk at the moment. Besides deci­sion jour­nal, I am also excit­ed to learn about men­tal mod­els.


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