Here’s a cool little post about my favorite ice cream place in the town.


Giapo is well-known as ‘ice-cream heaven’ and as one of Auckland’s best dessert locations.  A couple of weeks ago, we were lucky enough to get a BTS tour of the luxe new parlour and ‘laboratory’ on Gore Street, which has opened after they out-grew their previous location.

For some background, Giapo is the name of the store and also the name of the store’s founder, Giapo Grazioli.  Hailing from Italy but strongly identifying with New Zealand, Giapo and his wife, Annarosa, are two faces you’ll often find behind the counter passionately describing the menu and bringing that infamous Italian ‘love for food’ (specifically ice-cream, in this case) to our corner of the globe.

If you ever get the chance to speak to Giapo in person, you will be able to appreciate how genuinely passionate and enthusiastic he is about his trade.  For him, ice-cream making is an art, a creative process, an exciting adventure and a constant challenge…

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