Hide media in tweets

Twit­ter embeds are cool, just like every­thing else on WordPress.com. You just paste the link to a tweet and the edi­tor auto-mag­i­cal­ly embeds the twit­ter card.

While this is great, WordPress.com does a bit more that I don’t like: it also includes the images in the tweet. I don’t like it because the image increas­es the size of the twit­ter card.

When I pub­lished my pre­vi­ous post, I want­ed to just post the tweet with­out media.

What I want­ed is this:

What I got by default is this:

I want­ed a way to hide images in the tweets. But I was­n’t sure if that is pos­si­ble. So I scout­ed the Twit­ter Embeds sup­port guide and found hide_media=‘true’ option which hides the media item from the linked site.This is exact­ly what I am after. Besides its descrip­tion, this option also hides the media in the tweet like an embed­ded image.

Here is the short­code that got me what I want­ed:

[tweet https://twitter.com/WPDiscover/status/697842590951931904 hide_media=‘true’]

This isn’t as slick as just past­ing the link to the tweet, but with a bit of edit­ing, I get a clean result.

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