How to print labels using Microsoft Word


So far the only printing I am versed with is plain vanilla printing on A4 paper. There are few variations like printing in colour or printing A3 sheets. But these variations are not drastically different to what I already know.

Today I took charge to print some labels. I haven’t printed a label until now and I probably won’t have to print labels again until long time. I haven’t found a page on the Web that explains up to step by step precision. So here is an attempt to capture the gained knowledge.

I am sure you are smart enough to get the gist and adjust the steps to suit to your software and hardware setup.

Hardware and Software Needed

  1. Windows 7 PC
  2. Avery QuickPEEL labels. Normal A4 paper will do but that needs cutting labels manually as opposed just peeling off. And need glue to stick them on the consignment manually.
  3. Microsoft Word 2010
  4. Printer

Steps to Print

Open Microsoft Word. [Pro tip: Quickest way to open Microsoft Word is to Press Windows + R, type winword. Hit Enter.]

Open Mailings menu -> Labels , Enter label text in the Labels tab of the opened Envelopes and Labels dialog.

Envelopes and Labels

Click on Options… to open Label Options dialog.

Label Options

Select Page Printers and then appropriate Tray. Tray might be different depending on number of trays on your printer. But Label Vendors and Product Numbers are standard if you are using Avery QuickPEEL addressing labels.

Click OK on Label Options dialog to return to Envelopes and Labels dialog.

Click on New Document on Envelopes and Labels dialog. A new document will be created with 8 X 3 grid with label text in each cell as shown in the following partial screenshot.

Label Grid

At this stage you can adjust the Font and Cell Alignment as needed. If you are using Avery labels then font can’t be so big that the labels overflow into next page. All labels need to be on the same page so they will be printed on label sheet because ultimately you are going to peel them off to stick elsewhere. This is not a problem if you are printing on normal A4 page.

Go to File menu and select Print. Ensure Print One Sided and Portrait Orientation. Choose Copies.

Before hitting Print, ensure either tray is empty [in which case Printer complains about empty tray so you get an opportunity to place the Avery label sheet in the tray] or the first sheet in the selected tray is Avery label sheet. The tray is what you chose in the Label Options dialog above. In my example I used Tray 5.

Hit Print and see printer blissfully dispensing your label sheet with your chosen label text imprinted on each one of 24 labels (For Avery label sheets) in 8 by 3 grid. Now peel them off and stick them wherever!

My printer initially refused to accept the placed label sheet citing either page size or orientation is incorrect however it eventually relented when I adjusted the flaps that surround the paper in the tray.


  1. A colleague who supplied Avery QuickPEEL sheets and little  background on label printing.
  2. This video didn’t spoon-fed me but helped me get the idea.

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