My Experience with Stanford MOOC.

Earlier this year I blogged about The Project 1 I decided to execute for 9 weeks. I am glad to have “done” that.

Here is the result:
Here are the scores that helped me earn Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction:

These are the reasons why I chose to do this:

[1] I did this to prove to myself that I can decide to do something and indeed do it.
[2] I want to prove myself that being a dad doesn’t have to be an excuse to not to do things you love.
[3] I wanted to have the privilege of learning from a Stanford professor.
[4] I wanted to be part of MOOC.
[5] I wanted to work and improve on my Database fundamentals and concepts.
[6] I wanted to do something different and new this year. Esp something I have been procrastinating and ducking.

Some afterthoughts:

[0] I first came across this course in the Fall of 2011 but just dodged it. So feels good to be able to finish it at least in the Winter of 2013.
[1] It is cool to do something nevertheless.
[2] I really enjoyed solving challenge level exercise sitting late into the night. I can’t describe how lovely it feels once you crack a question. Being unable to solve feels equally awful too, if not more. Imagine determining if a Relation is in BCNF or 3NF at 2 am in the morning!
[3] I equally missed my wifey and baby as much as they waited for me to open the door of my room every evening.
[4] I became sleep deprived but well worth it.
[5] The point is not to miss precious time with my family and also not to give that as an excuse so I made most of these times: (a) Late into night after my baby goes to bed. (b) Early in the morning before he wakes up. (c) 1-2 hour windows during his weekend daytime naps.
[6] (a) and (b) mentioned in the previous point are not sustainable. You can’t sleep late and wake up early day after day for long. So planning is crucial.
[7] Other than time at work and time with family, I became focused on this work.
[8] I didn’t completely  quit News,Blogs, Facebook and Twitter but just ensured I didn’t waste too much time on them.
[9] I got to practice “doing  1% everyday” and “living in the NOW”.
[10] Focus and momentum are indeed critical to do anything of any significance in any area of life.

What next: After a month of relaxing (Reading couple of books, Watching some videos and spending complete evenings and weekends with family), NOW is the time to succeed on to The Project 2. It makes sense to talk after I walk.

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