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With the objective of rekindling my passion to read, I ordered a Kindle (Wi-Fi only version) today. I have about 1.5 GB and growing pdf collection which I am procrastinating to read from quite a few years! This certainly affected my technical and English language skills.

I agree that I am lazy at times but equally frustrating is the fact that there is no convenient way to read an e-book. I tried reading on laptop screen but laptop is too too heavy to hold and read for long hours. iPhone screen is so small that I spend significant time zooming and scrolling. So this is the void I want to fill with Kindle and I am sure I will reclaim my reading habit.

Thanks to my good friend Jorty Thomas for getting Kindle from US for me.

At total 190 USD (8450 INR), I believe it is a worthy investment. This figure includes cost of Kindle, leather cover and taxes. I have to wait until 20th January 2011 to lay my hands on it.

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