How to generate Weblogic core dump in Solaris

This is what I did recent­ly to gen­er­ate core dump of Weblog­ic serv­er run­ning in Solaris box. Had to spend some­time to fig­ure it out where the dump is being gen­er­at­ed.

Here are the steps I fol­lowed:

[1] Run ps -ef | grep java com­mand.
[2] Iden­ti­fy the process id of the Weblog­ic process [ Make sure only one Weblog­ic process is run­ning so that it’s easy to iden­ti­fy ].
[3] Run the com­mand kill -3 process_id
[4] Assum­ing that the Weblog­ic serv­er is start­ed using nohup ./ & com­mand, the core dump will be append­ed to nohup.out file.
[5] You can check this by doing less and Shift + F on nohup.out file.


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  1. This is not core dump. This is thread dump.

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