Silent for so long.

I am aware. I am not blog­ging fre­quent­ly. So rather than find­ing rea­sons or excus­es, let me start at least now.

I always thought that my next phone would be Nokia E 72 or iPhone. I nev­er dream of Black­Ber­ry. But in an unex­pect­ed turn of events, I became an own­er of Black­Ber­ry. Thanks to my good friend Man­ju Shyam. She gift­ed me with an almost new unlocked Black­Ber­ry Curve 8320 Curve Sun­set smart­phone, last Decem­ber. Decem­ber 11, 2009 to be pre­cise.

It is am amaz­ing phone and has all stan­dard smart phone fea­tures. 3G is the only thing which is lack­ing. But 3G is use­less at the moment in India. So I have no wor­ries. It has stun­ning looks, long last­ing bat­tery.

The only com­plaint I have is about its cam­era. It could have been lit­tle bet­ter but I know we cant expect bet­ter cam­era in a busi­ness phone. So I am liv­ing with this lim­i­ta­tion.

And anoth­er thing that both­ers me is not to be able to sub­scribe to any Black­Ber­ry ser­vice. After a lot of trail I under­stood that GPRS does not work in a Black­Ber­ry. So I had to sub­scribe to Black­Ber­ry Inter­net Ser­vice. But cur­rent­ly Voda­fone is not offer­ing Black­Ber­ry ser­vices to pre­paid cus­tomers like me. Post­paid plans cost a bomb, whether it is Black­Ber­ry ser­vice or oth­er­wise. So wait­ing for Voda­fone to start Black­Ber­ry ser­vices for pre­paid cus­tomers like its rival Air­tel. Since Air­tel start­ed offer­ing Black­Ber­ry ser­vices to it’s pre­paid cus­tomers very recent­ly, I think I can wait for Voda­fone to catch up. 299/- INR for unlim­it­ed E‑mail and IM on Black­Ber­ry is steal. Esp because we can con­fig­ure upto 10 E‑Mail and 10 IM accounts and can open attach­ments too. Absolute­ly no cap on E‑Mail and IM. We cant access data but. But that is fine.

I still lust iPhone and will own one at appro­pri­ate time. Until then, I am hap­py with my Black­Ber­ry.


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