My Gadgets history.

I have lot of lust for gad­gets. I can spend any amount of time research­ing them, know­ing their fea­tures, and read­ing their reviews.

In 2005 I want­ed a lap­top, dig­i­tal cam­era and iPod. Now I have them all. I am very sat­is­fied with my choice of Leno­vo 3000 N100 lap­top. It is awe­some. I nev­er faced any issue with it till date ( touch­wood). I bought my lap­top in 2006 Sep­tem­ber in Trivan­drum. I did a lot of research before final­iz­ing Leno­vo and I am now very hap­py about my selec­tion. Its been won­der­ful using it for the past two and half years.

Just 2 months after buy­ing lap­top, in Novem­ber 2006, I got my iPod with the help of my friend’s friend who was return­ing from USA. I bought a black 2GB iPod Nano for 11K INR. (The price in India dropped as soon as my iPod reached me but thats a dif­fer­ent sto­ry. I have no regrets.) I enjoyed lis­ten­ing music in iPod a lot. Its so cute and cool. Even today I like it a lot.It helps me enjoy music and pod­casts.

Then in Feb­ru­ary 2008, I bought my dig­i­tal cam­era-Canon IXUS 70.It is also cool and it suf­fices or my bas­ing pho­tograhy needs when I go on vaca­tion or attend fam­i­ly func­tions.

And oh yeah, how can I not men­tion about mobile phones! Here is the list of mobiles I used except for E 51. In March 2008, I was think­ing about Nokia E51. But in august 2008 came iPhone 3G. Then there is Nokia E 71 by the end of 2008. I was sim­ply not able to decide which one to go for and final­ly did not buy any­thing and con­tin­ued using my Nokia 1110. Even today the same dilem­ma haunts me.Eventually Nokia E51 and E71 became antiques, at least, for me. I no more fan­cy them.

Now it is the time to think about Nokia E 72 and iPhone 3 G(s). I liked both of them and want to go for one of them based on their reviews,feedback and price. Both are yet to be released in India. I decid­ed to buy only around mid-2010. Now you may ask what will change by mid-2010. I say , a lot. First, since I will be spend­ing not less than 25K that too on a gad­get, I dont want to act in haste.I want to take right deci­sion even though it is late.Second, my finances will be much bet­ter by that time so my afford­abil­i­ty will be bet­ter than what it is now. Third, I will get access to lots of reviews and feed­back on both these phones so that I can take an informed deci­sion. Fourth, the prices of these phones will sta­bilise since they will be in mar­ket for 1 year by that time. Last, 3G may come to India by that time so it makes sense to spend on 3G phone.

Until then, I am hap­py with my Nokia 1110. It is also a good phone and is serv­ing me since May-2008.


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