My Gadgets history.

I have lot of lust for gadgets. I can spend any amount of time researching them, knowing their features, and reading their reviews.

In 2005 I wanted a laptop, digital camera and iPod. Now I have them all. I am very satisfied with my choice of Lenovo 3000 N100 laptop. It is awesome. I never faced any issue with it till date ( touchwood). I bought my laptop in 2006 September in Trivandrum. I did a lot of research before finalizing Lenovo and I am now very happy about my selection. Its been wonderful using it for the past two and half years.

Just 2 months after buying laptop, in November 2006, I got my iPod with the help of my friend’s friend who was returning from USA. I bought a black 2GB iPod Nano for 11K INR. (The price in India dropped as soon as my iPod reached me but thats a different story. I have no regrets.) I enjoyed listening music in iPod a lot. Its so cute and cool. Even today I like it a lot.It helps me enjoy music and podcasts.

Then in February 2008, I bought my digital camera-Canon IXUS 70.It is also cool and it suffices or my basing photograhy needs when I go on vacation or attend family functions.

And oh yeah, how can I not mention about mobile phones! Here is the list of mobiles I used except for E 51. In March 2008, I was thinking about Nokia E51. But in august 2008 came iPhone 3G. Then there is Nokia E 71 by the end of 2008. I was simply not able to decide which one to go for and finally did not buy anything and continued using my Nokia 1110. Even today the same dilemma haunts me.Eventually Nokia E51 and E71 became antiques, at least, for me. I no more fancy them.

Now it is the time to think about Nokia E 72 and iPhone 3 G(s). I liked both of them and want to go for one of them based on their reviews,feedback and price. Both are yet to be released in India. I decided to buy only around mid-2010. Now you may ask what will change by mid-2010. I say , a lot. First, since I will be spending not less than 25K that too on a gadget, I dont want to act in haste.I want to take right decision even though it is late.Second, my finances will be much better by that time so my affordability will be better than what it is now. Third, I will get access to lots of reviews and feedback on both these phones so that I can take an informed decision. Fourth, the prices of these phones will stabilise since they will be in market for 1 year by that time. Last, 3G may come to India by that time so it makes sense to spend on 3G phone.

Until then, I am happy with my Nokia 1110. It is also a good phone and is serving me since May-2008.



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