At last, after keep­ing CDs idle for about 1 year, I installed Ubun­tu in my lap­top. It is cool and sim­ple. I could fin­ish it in sec­ond instal­la­tion attempt. First attempt failed because the par­ti­tion which I select­ed to install was in FAT32 for­mat. Instal­la­tion failed when it was about to complete.GRUB could­n’t get installed.Then I again for­mat­ted the par­ti­tion to NTFS and this time I could install it.

Slow­ly get­ting used to Ubuntu.Saw Python and Pid­gin IM in action.Still have to learn how to install oth­er var­i­ous soft­wares.

And one more thing to learn is how to set and use root(/) account.I am not able to login due to incor­rect password.Will learn it soon and exper­i­ment in (U)Linux.




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