Working with CruiseControl‑2

Anoth­er issue which took con­sid­er­able amount of my time to resolve is the fol­low­ing.
D:\CruiseControl\BuildServer\WorkArea\SampleCCProject\build-cc.xml:10: The fol­low­ing error occurred while exe­cut­ing this line:
D:\CruiseControl\BuildServer\WorkArea\SampleCCProject\build.xml:56: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:;Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/io/File;ZZ)Ljava/io/File;
This is because of Ant and JUnit ver­sion mismatch.I was ini­tial­ly using Apache Ant 1.7.1 because its lat­est release as on date. I got rid of it by using Ant 1.6.5 with JUnit 3.8.2 ( comes with CruiseC­on­trol )


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