MS SQL Server 2K and Win XP

MS SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition Server componentscan not be installed on Windows XP.

Only client components can be installed.

I am exploring how to install Personal Edition on Win XP.I thought I will post it after I successfully do it.But we again did not use it and got the work done with Enterprise Edition.So this is the end of Personal Edition.

At last, we successfully deployed ASP web application.Some interesting findings:

[1] Our application can be installed on MS SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition ( I did) or Developer Edition (I did) or Personal Edition(I saw Gaurav Deshmukh did).

[2] Deploying ASP Web Application in IIS is easy.

[3] The whole issue started because we were trying very hard to make the user we created own our tables instead of letting those tables owned by standard “dbo” user of SQL Server.And we tried to connect with the same user we created instead of connecting to SQL Query Analyzer tool with standard “sa” user of SQL Server.

so the guy who helped us did these:

[1] Run the table creation script by standard “sa” user.
[2] So that, all the created tables will be owned by “dbo” user.
[3] Now we can create any custom user of our choice and all that we have to do is just associate this custom user with the above created database. Then we can use this custom userid and password in our configuration files(in our case it is qdo.asp) to connect to the database.

This is my first encounter with Microsoft technologies like IIS, SQL Server 2000 and ASP.



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