MS SQL Server 2K and Win XP

MS SQL Serv­er 2000 Enter­prise Edi­tion Serv­er com­po­nentscan not be installed on Win­dows XP.

Only client com­po­nents can be installed.

I am explor­ing how to install Per­son­al Edi­tion on Win XP.I thought I will post it after I suc­cess­ful­ly do it.But we again did not use it and got the work done with Enter­prise Edition.So this is the end of Per­son­al Edi­tion.

At last, we suc­cess­ful­ly deployed ASP web application.Some inter­est­ing find­ings:

[1] Our appli­ca­tion can be installed on MS SQL Serv­er 2000 Enter­prise Edi­tion ( I did) or Devel­op­er Edi­tion (I did) or Per­son­al Edition(I saw Gau­rav Desh­mukh did).

[2] Deploy­ing ASP Web Appli­ca­tion in IIS is easy.

[3] The whole issue start­ed because we were try­ing very hard to make the user we cre­at­ed own our tables instead of let­ting those tables owned by stan­dard “dbo” user of SQL Server.And we tried to con­nect with the same user we cre­at­ed instead of con­nect­ing to SQL Query Ana­lyz­er tool with stan­dard “sa” user of SQL Serv­er.

so the guy who helped us did these:

[1] Run the table cre­ation script by stan­dard “sa” user.
[2] So that, all the cre­at­ed tables will be owned by “dbo” user.
[3] Now we can cre­ate any cus­tom user of our choice and all that we have to do is just asso­ciate this cus­tom user with the above cre­at­ed data­base. Then we can use this cus­tom userid and pass­word in our con­fig­u­ra­tion files(in our case it is qdo.asp) to con­nect to the data­base.

This is my first encounter with Microsoft tech­nolo­gies like IIS, SQL Serv­er 2000 and ASP.


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