Diwali — Friday,09-November-2007

We had a very good time for this Diwali in Hyderabad.Three days dis­ap­peared so fast :-((
Reached Hyder­abad on Friday.Spent most of the time at home.Met Chiru.And evening with crack­ers.

Sat­ur­day went to Chilkur Bal­a­ji Darshan.Darshan went very well.Met Srini­was unex­pect­ed­ly at Spencers in Miya­pur when me and bob­by were busy search­ing for something.Night Pav Bha­ji at Lak­sh­mi aun­t’s home.

Sun­day went busy with pack­ing up our lug­gage.

Same MMTS and same Kachegu­da Express. We were in Ban­ga­lore this morn­ing.

This Diwali was def­i­nite­ly not like many oth­er Diwalis I spent in the past.

And I am very sure, future Diwalis will be much more bright­ful for us.



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