Refreshing Re-union

Yesterday being Kannada Rajyotsava, hence holiday for all the offices and also Srihari wanted to treat all of us for his H1, so we 4 – Theja, Sudhakar, Srihari and Me – decided to meet after a long time at China Pearl in Koramangala.I joined Sudhakar at his house in BTM and we both went by bike.Srihari came by bus and Theja by Auto.After few “chakkars” on bike on the streets f Koramangala, we could at last found the restaurant next to Vijaya Bank in Koramangala.The ambiance is good.Being Thursday, I accompanied Theja for veg. So I cant comment on non-veg food. As per feedback from Srihari and Sudha, I figured out that their food didn’t impress them much.But I liked veg food.It tasted decent enough and so is its appeal to my eyes.

After that we went to Corner House for ice cream and gulped in ice creams worth 250/-.Then headed on to Forum Mall, spent sometime window shopping in Westside, Pepe, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas and Nike showrooms. I really wanted to buy one shirt but nothing impressed me.Then sat on the platform behind Fabmall, took some snaps.Then decided to go to IIM for more picturesque locations for our snaps.

I was very much delighted when Sudhakar made me hear the funny interview I gave him in 2004 June, when I was desperately searching for a job. I am glad that he still preserved it.

At IIM, we took so many snaps in the lawns, forests,corridors and Auditoriums using all our creativity and at last settled down at CCD for some frappe. Then spent time chatting till 9 PM and dispersed.

It has been a very refreshing for me to reunion with my best friends, college-time roomies and buddies.

It is high time I realized the advantages of not being forgotten.Hence I decided to enter Orkut again. As I read some where, Network is net worth!



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