Caught by Squad!

Fri­day, 26th Octo­ber 2007, 1720 hrs
Ban­ga­lore City Rail­way Sta­tion.

LOVEOFMYLIFE has to catch Kachigu­da Express.I have one Five rupee coin, one old Two rupee coin and two new One rupee coins in my wallet.Any com­bi­na­tion of these coins will not please Plat­form Tick­et Vend­ing Machine to dis­pense one tick­et for me.So I went to the counter, saw the ser­pen­tine queue and took chance! LOVEOFMYLIFE warned me. But I ignored her advice.

We both entered the Platform‑1 took left and head­ed to over bridge to reach Platform‑3.Climbed on to it. Saw a Tick­et Exam­in­er but ignored him as he is at the exit and I am not going towards him.

“Tick­et Sir”, a female voice of a Rail­way Squad mem­ber.

Result : Paid 250/- as fine.
Les­son: Nev­er take chance.


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