Month Of March-2007 In My Life

March month of 2007 is very mem­o­rable in my life.

29th day of this month was when I real­ized one of the most impor­tant dreams of my life. yes I got mar­ried to LOVEOFMYLIFE on that very day.

I did­nt find time to blog in that month.

First 15 days , I spent dream­ing about vis­it­ing LOVEOFMYLIFE on 17th and was busy work­ing from BT office.

On 16th I left BT office by 7 to catch 9 – 15 Infy bus to Maratha­hal­li.

On 17th , I went to Hyder­abad [ My first flight ( GoAir) after I missed Spice­Jet on 28th of Jan ] and dis­ap­point­ed to see LOVEOFMYLIFE suf­fer­ing from Chick­en pox. I shopped for my mar­riage that evening at Lifestyle.

18th, I spent time with LOVEOFMYLIFE and met Sud­hakar, Gopi,Subbu, Srini­vas, Chin­ni at Anu­pa­ma for lunch, went to watch Okkadun­nadu movie and then came home by evening.

19th, I flew back to Ban­ga­lore, bought Suit and Sher­wani at BF.

20th, 21st and 22nd I con­tin­ued going to BT office.

23rd I bunked BT office to pack my lug­gage and com­plete my pend­ing chores.That niht I caught Cab to Air­port and went to catch Spice­Jet Hyder­abad flight. Hap­py to get that tick­et for 99 paise and very hap­py about leav­ing for mar­riage and very ver yhap­py that fil­ght took off on time!

24th, I was in Hyder­abad Air­port , sleep­less but did­nt both­er much as I was in very very hap­py mood. Caught Air Dec­can flight to Rajah­mundry. Very very sur­prised to see Air Dec­can flight tak­ing off on time. Sur­prised to see the pathet­ic con­di­tion of Rajah­mundry Air­port.

25th was my groom-mak­ing day. Enjoyed every moment of that day.All our rel­a­tives start­ed com­ing to our home.

26th , 27th went nor­mal. Peo­ple busy in mar­riage arrange­ments and me busy talk­ing on phone with LOVEOFMYLIFE.

28th was LOVE­OFMYLIFE’s bride-mak­ing day.

29th was our MARRIAGE DAY. A very very spe­cial and unique day in the lives of Chaitu n LOVEOFMYLIFE. The dream which we start­ed dream­ing from Octo­ber 18 2006 was real­ized on that day.
I felt very hap­py. That was the end of all the hard­ships we faced, all the wor­ries we had about our mar­riage , all the cry­ings and all the doubts we had dis­ap­peared offi­cial­ly on that day.

30th and 31st also went very well as we were new cou­ple and every­one was teart­ing us in a regal man­ner.

That was March of 2007 for me!



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