Two key missing prerequisites to reach my ‘Should-be’ state


The two key ele­ments which I lack or rather I would say, I often fail to per­se­vere in most of the tasks I take up on my own.

I had applied them many times but still am fail­ing to exploit them to my fullest advan­tage.

In fact I used to apply them ear­li­er in my life and even very recent­ly I applied them in one of the two impor­tant areas of my life to accom­plish one of the most impor­tant mis­sions of my life. And I accom­plished it with fly­ing col­ors. But still there is one more. only one more area where I have to apply them to prove myself what I am.

This is one of my new year res­o­lu­tions as well.

So I am wait­ing for noth­ing. Am going to start off right away to accom­plish the much aspired goals and to reap the much await­ed ben­e­fits.


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