Why I die for Businessworld and BusinessToday

BW and BT are the mag­a­zines which I die to read.I have been read­ing them from the past 2 years and hard­ly I missed any of the issues. I have been read­ing them vora­cious­ly and pas­sion­ate­ly week in and week out.But the ques­tion what many of my friends dont under­stand is why? whats so spe­cial about them. This post is an attempt enlight­en them.

The numero uno rea­son is this:They bring you the best of the Eng­lish language.The way they present the cov­er sto­ry, the snap­py head­lines and not to men­tion the qual­i­ty of the con­tent and of course the ads too are inter­est­ing to me.In short they cater to my learn­ing needs of Eng­lish. I have learnt so many words, expres­sions and phras­es just because I have been read­ing them.

And Eng­lish as such you can learn from any oth­er mag­a­zine or book or journal.Why only BW and BT? Here comes the rea­son #2. Unlike many polit­i­cal and fash­ion mag­a­zines which talk about use­less crap about celebri­ties and pol­i­tics , they speak about Busi­ness which make our econ­o­my, the vision­ary lead­ers behind them and their glob­al aspi­ra­tions and ambi­tions- which is my passion.The Amba­n­is, Tatas, Bir­las, Ruias of Essar, Mun­jals of Hero Hon­da, Wadias of Bom­bay Dye­ing, The Singhs of Ran­baxy et al, the upcom­ing low cost air­lines and the vision of the lead­ers behind them, how they are strug­gling to tack­le competition.They talk about new born entre­pre­neurs, their start­ing travails,their won­der­ful suc­cess­es.

The prime rea­son behind what all we have today as a pros­per­ous nation and pros­per­ous indi­vid­u­als is because some­one some­where dreamt too big.In my case it is Mr NR Narayana Murthy.His dream 25 years back is help­ing me to achieve my dreams today and in turn is giv­ing me con­fi­dence to dream even bigger.In fact there are some sim­i­lar­i­ties among us. [1] He dreamt big , I too dream big. [2] He is a son of school teacher, My dad is too a school teacher [3] He is a man of val­ues and I too am. [4] His efforts match­es his dreams. Here I stum­ble 🙁 have to pick up here. he is way toooo ahead of me 🙂

Ok.Enough of lev­i­ty! My dream is to get fea­tured in any of those mag­a­zines some­day as a CEO of my own venture.Chaitanya Vivek CEO and MD, Chai­tanya Inc. Isn’t that awe­some? 🙂 Lets wait and see…



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