• How I setup my iPhone’s Action Button

    The Action But­ton on the iPhone 15 Pro is a small fea­ture I eager­ly antic­i­pat­ed. Apple offers nine options from which I specif­i­cal­ly want­ed to access both the silent mode and the cam­era. I also want­ed the actions to acti­vate right away upon press­ing the Action but­ton, with­out need­ing to select any­thing from the on-screen menu after the but­ton… Read more

  • Text Message Forwarding on iOS

    A while ago I noticed that I am receiv­ing texts only on my iPhone, but some texts don’t show up in the Mes­sages app on either of my Macs. The texts I can’t see on my Macs are usu­al­ly the two-fac­tor authen­ti­ca­tion codes and oth­er texts sent from the spe­cial three-dig­it phone num­bers typ­i­cal­ly used by the busi­ness­es… Read more

  • Tim Cook’s letter to customers

    One of my Face­book friends post­ed the link to this inter­est­ing Tim Cook’s let­ter to Apple’s cus­tomers. I am shocked by these two para­graphs: …now the U.S. gov­ern­ment has asked us for some­thing we sim­ply do not have, and some­thing we con­sid­er too dan­ger­ous to cre­ate. They have asked us to build a back­door to the… Read more

  • How to run YouTube in the background on iPhone

    Final­ly I fig­ured how to run YouTube in the back­ground on iOS device. Use Safari ‑not YouTube app- to access mobile YouTube site. Safari runs in the back­ground so we can still lis­ten to the audio. YouTube app can’t mul­ti­task. So dis­miss that sug­ges­tion to open the app. This works on iPad as well. Read more