Gave up on Mac’s Hot Corners

I recently learned some Mac tips and one of the things I was excited about and tried is Hot Corners. But after a few months of trying them they proved to be Annoying Corners. I often accidentally send my mouse pointer to one of the corners of the screen and invoke them inadvertently. So I disabled Hot Corners today.

I am hoping to instead add a few more multi-touch gestures to my finger memory. Multi-touch gestures are intuitive, fun, and make me feel like I am a pro Mac Book Pro user. So far I am loving the gestures which means I will practice them more.


I started a tiny habit: flossing my teeth.

I have been trying to start flossing for many months now. I brush my teeth every night but I know brushing twice a day is not enough to keep a really good dental hygiene. I knew I needed to start flossing at some point because it is good to floss.

While I was learning about tiny habits a few years ago, I read BJ Fogg’s suggestion of flossing just one tooth to start with. That advice sounded great. But I did not really  start. The other day I saw Colgate floss boxes near the supermarket checkout and brought one of them home. My six year old son wondered and asked what is it for. I explained him. Then I let the floss sit in my bathroom cabinet for many weeks. My son reminded me a few times, but I said I need to learn how to floss and that I will start soon. But that’s just an excuse. I was just lazy and did nothing for many weeks.

Finally I stopped kidding myself and started flossing. I flossed for last three nights. It feels good to actually start flossing and I know I won’t stop.

Goodbye, Facebook.

This Vox article I found in a colleague’s tweet convinced me to delete my Facebook account. I had my Facebook account for about ten years. Naturally my usage was high at the start circa 2010 and has steadily reduced over the years.

Now I have a test account devoid of my personal details or photos using an email address that I use specifically for this kind of dummy profiles. I need this test account for my work. So I will have to keep it until Facebook becomes extinct.

I haven’t turned cold turkey on Facebook. I haven’t shared anything of substance on Facebook for years now. I didn’t have Facebook on my phone for 5 years. I mostly used Facebook as a convenience to login to some of the other sites I use. Now I felt like I need to finally stop using it even for those few things I use it for.

Facebook is kind of uncool anyway.

Great article I read about proactiveness

Yesterday I came across the following tweet by David of Raptitude, one of the few blogs I read and recommend.

The article in that tweet is a great read regardless of your life situation.

If you are dealing with challenges, you should read it to learn how to turn around your situation.

If your life is already great, you should still read it as it serves as a great reminder of the things you got right and shouldn’t forget.