Recently I wrote about how I reduced the noise on my Twitter timeline by changing the default timeline preference from top tweets to the latest tweets.

Since then I noticed that from time to time my timeline preference is falling back to top tweets without my intervention. But I wasn’t totally sure because I did not think Twitter may be overriding my preferences. Today I realized it is indeed the case!

As shown in the following screenshot of the iOS app on my phone, Twitter is overzealously overriding my timeline preference to what it wants me to see.

Twitter screenshot showing its overzealousness with changing my preferences.
Twitter is changing my preference 🙁

Every time Twitter does this to me, I have to tap the star icon at the top right and change the preference to latest tweets.

This is my first-hand experience of a social network’s aggressiveness towards its users. I still stand Twitter because I often find useful information on it via the cool people I follow. But when the time comes, I don’t think twice to leave the platform. Until then, I will put up with this nuisance.

3 responses to “Twitter is changing my timeline preferences”

  1. Bill Bennett Avatar

    It’s outrageous and disrespectful to manipulate users like this. Well spotted. I missed it.

    1. Chaitanya Avatar

      Yeah felt strange that Twitter is pushy under the guise of helping me! 😀

  2. […] this Twitter spokesperson did not say, is that although you can turn off curation, on the phone appTwitter turns it back on within a few days without your consent. The settings on my web app are untouched though which is likely this well-meaning spokesperson is […]

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