Twitter is changing my timeline preferences

Recent­ly I wrote about how I reduced the noise on my Twit­ter time­line by chang­ing the default time­line pref­er­ence from top tweets to the lat­est tweets.

Since then I noticed that from time to time my time­line pref­er­ence is falling back to top tweets with­out my inter­ven­tion. But I was­n’t total­ly sure because I did not think Twit­ter may be over­rid­ing my pref­er­ences. Today I real­ized it is indeed the case!

As shown in the fol­low­ing screen­shot of the iOS app on my phone, Twit­ter is overzeal­ous­ly over­rid­ing my time­line pref­er­ence to what it wants me to see.

Twitter screenshot showing its overzealousness with changing my preferences.
Twit­ter is chang­ing my pref­er­ence 🙁

Every time Twit­ter does this to me, I have to tap the star icon at the top right and change the pref­er­ence to lat­est tweets.

This is my first-hand expe­ri­ence of a social net­work’s aggres­sive­ness towards its users. I still stand Twit­ter because I often find use­ful infor­ma­tion on it via the cool peo­ple I fol­low. But when the time comes, I don’t think twice to leave the plat­form. Until then, I will put up with this nui­sance.


3 responses to “Twitter is changing my timeline preferences”

  1. It’s out­ra­geous and dis­re­spect­ful to manip­u­late users like this. Well spot­ted. I missed it.

    1. Yeah felt strange that Twit­ter is pushy under the guise of help­ing me! 😀

  2. […] this Twit­ter spokesper­son did not say, is that although you can turn off cura­tion, on the phone appTwit­ter turns it back on with­in a few days with­out your con­sent. The set­tings on my web app are untouched though which is like­ly this well-mean­ing spokesper­son is […]

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