.com to .org

Today is another significant milestone for this blog. Effective today, this blog is served as a self hosted WordPress.org site that’s housed in one of the Bluehost’s servers somewhere in the ether.

It’s a bit unfortunate that I had mistakenly registered my domain at WordPress.com without fully aware of the consequences and as a result I had to wait for 60 days before I could transfer out. But on the bright side, I got to know how life is on the hosted version of WordPress so I could appreciate the freedom of WordPress.org.

The wait is finally over in the last couple of weeks. So I attempted the transfer but ran into some troubles. Today I was able to plug the last problem that hindered the move.  It turned out that, besides changing name servers to that of Bluehost, I also had to disable Domain Privacy, generate and enter authorization code . That completed the Domain Transfer and then I just had to update URLs in WP dashboard to chaitanyamsv.com.

First thing I worked on soon after the move is to override Lato with my favorite fonts: Bitter for post titles and Source Sans Pro for post content.  The only thing I liked with Twenty Thirteen is its fonts. So Twenty Thirteen’s fonts combined with Twenty Fourteen’s layout and black plus green color scheme appears cool for the time being. I changed few CSS bits and did try to change the color scheme of Twenty Fourteen to orange but it sucked so I undid it.

There are some interesting bits that need sorting. I will eventually fix them.

Edit: I later reset the post title font to  Lato but changed the case to title case.