Habits Resolutions

New year resolutions

I did not have resolutions for 2014. Instead, I decided to plant and grow few habits that are worth pursuing for years.

To help me get going, I made the following three rules for myself:

  1. Base goals on Identity. Not on Performance or Appearance.
  2. Rely on Habits and Processes. Not on Willpower.
  3. Believe in Evolution. Not in Revolution.

To remind me of these rules, I forked some markup from Codecademy at the end of 2013 and added a timer to it: This page served me well but as I decided to close my domain, this page will go down as well.

One and a half years later, I no longer need the timer as I systematized my habits in and Wunderlist apps. So the habits happen nevertheless. However these rules needed a new home, and this post is it.


No Meat. No Sweets. No Tweets.

On the last day of the August I just made up my mind to go sugar free and meat free for 30 days.

One of my close friends suggested I not tweet as well for 30 days. So it ultimately became sugar, meat and tweet free September.

NoMeat                                                                     NoSweets