This is lovely! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

The only thing I don’t like about Signal v. Noise blog is that it is hosted on Medium.

So today, while re-reading the Become A Facebook-Free Business post, I was elated to see this edit:

SignalvNoise blog moving off Medium
SignalvNoise blog moving off Medium


Journal Thoughts

Tweet more characters?!

Okay, I work for a company that makes it easy for people to setup a blog, site or online store. So I may be biased. However, I found this tweet from Twitter interesting:

But seriously, if you are dying to share something with world, and you can’t fit your thoughts in 140 characters, I think what you need is a blog or website where you truly own your content. Not tweets with 280 or some arbitrary number of characters.

Resolutions Thoughts

My new social media policy

Share on blog first. Everywhere else next.