Hey, HEY!

Last night I bought my email address subscription after trying it for a few days. I have been following HEY ever since Jason gave a heads up earlier this year. Since this is from Basecamp, I knew it is going to be amazing and it is! I signed up as soon as I got an invite a few days ago and I loved everything about it: the onboarding, speed, features, simplicity and privacy. But most importantly, I subscribed to the HEY Manifesto and the principles of its principals Jason and DHH and their Small Tech company, Basecamp.

I never thought I would pay for an email service, but it is probably the best ninety-nine US dollars I spent lately. Like many people, last time I was this excited about an email service when Gmail was introduced in 2004 (or 2005?). Big Tech is so pervasive, and it is not going to go away anywhere or any soon. But where possible and affordable, I think we should support subscription-based services offered by Small Tech companies; they cost money upfront, but they don’t sell your privacy and data to the highest bidders to display ads.

If you want to check more about HEY, I suggest these links: 

It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work. Indeed.

I am so glad I bought and read Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson’s latest book It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work. The book is a collection of succinct and insightful essays on how to work calmly and effectively. Alongside those, it teaches great lessons on leadership which ties into how Jason and DHH run their company, Basecamp. I feel lucky to have found and read book at this stage in my career. I loved the book so much that and I am keeping it as my go-to leadership handbook.

The essays are quick and easy to read. I think their ideas are nonconformist. Yet they don’t sound weird and make perfect sense.

I also enjoy reading their blog Signal v. Noise where they share great posts that overlap with some of the book’s content. I specifically recommend Jason’s articles on iterating and flip-flopping which are close to my beliefs.

I also recently listened to Jason’s Hurry Slowly episode and loved it. I am yet to get to his Tim Ferriss Show episode but I know it is going to be a great masterclass which I am saving up for later.

I highly recommend this book because you will learn loads of ideas on how to run a calm team and have a calm career; which seems daunting in this  fast-paced and hustle-loving world. This book may shatter all the notions you have about what it means to have a great career.