On Giving

Today I read thank you cards from a couple of families to which, a  group of amazing individuals I have been fortunate enough to be part of,  made a difference in the just ended festive season.

Some of those messages were written by little hands. Their gratitude moved me. And made my day.  At the time of doing the work, I never thought that result of our efforts would be this much gratifying. It only cost each one us, puny money and a couple of hours of time. But the collective effort of our awesome team happened to be far reaching.

I have been involved in some charities in the past but this particular giving experience is not something I came across so far in my life. In this setting, both the donor and donee remain anonymous to each other. We only knew our beneficiaries by their first name and age so we could buy fitting presents.  The idea is to NOT to make the children feel like some random group of individuals donated stuff to them but to project the whole thing like Santa and his helpers brought them presents and other goodies. The quality of presents was on par with the stuff we would buy for our own children.

Festivals and holiday season is not necessarily a good time of the year for everyone.  The air does not always bring cheer to everybody. For many unfortunate families (with children especially), this season can be very stressful given the expectations and burden festivals bring along. So it feels good to do something about it.

No single person or group will be able to help unfortunate life situation of every needy family, everywhere in the world. So the point is not doing nothing or everything but to do something, sometimes at the least.

[The point of this post is to commemorate the amazing feeling I experienced today after reading thank you cards hand written by children. Not the public display of charity.]



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