Author: Chaitanya

I am a family man, perpetual learner, coffee drinker, dessert eater and Happiness Engineer at Automattic. I also read, write, move, and meditate.

Engagement and Aftermath

Got engaged 2 weeks back on 4th Feb 07. It got preponed from 7th march 07 due to my probable onsite travel. All are happy and it’s been memorable for us both! Marriage date has been fixed as 29th March and am busy pooling money.

Leaving Trivandrum

This is my last post from my home internet connection connection in Trivandrum. Am leaving Trivandrum on day after tomorrow i.e on Thursday 25 th January 2007. Feeling nostalgic but still have to move on ๐Ÿ™

CheckPoint 1- Resolutions 2007

Legend Yet To StartCurrently WorkingDone with Flying Colors One: Increase financial aptitude. Two: Start investing and saving (and hence Tax planning). Three: Learn disciplined spending. Four: Learn XML related technologies and take one external certification on XML. Five: Take SCWCD certification. Six: Read Wren and Martin High School Grammar book. There is a lot of […]

Most enjoyed New Year Night…

Yesterday night [31-december-2006] was the most enjoyed new year night I have ever spent in my life till now.Thank you for partenering with me to make this happen.Thank you very much.The happiness will only multiply in our lives effective this year.I promise you my dear…

Finally fixed it!

Finally, after procrastinating for about many years ( from my adolescent days) , I fixed the braces to my teeth from the local orthodontist ( Dr. Vinod Krishnan of TDSG ) in Trivandrum. He is quite cool and I liked the way he worked on my teeth.I paid 5K and another 5K is due over […]

when I started listening to my heart…

they wanted me to be according to their expectations… they wanted me to listen what they say… they wanted me to like what they show… for all the above things to happen, they wished me to be dependent on them… but I just followed my heart. nothing else did I care. finally, they came to […]

My new year resolutions

Today on my way back to office from hospital in auto I just contemplated a bit and decided to come up with some resolutions for New Year 2007. Until now I had no habit of making resolutions. So what? I will start from next year. New Year, New Habits ๐Ÿ™‚ I am just jotting down […]


Few days back when I was browsing one of my favorite sites on the internet: pravsworld dot com, I saw the following lines on Love. Love is so powerful because being loved causes one to love oneself. Nothing contributes to the self-image more than being loved by another. When the words ‘I love you’ are […]