Month: January 2022

  • Expert predictions

    Expert predictions

    I am generally skeptical about experts and their forecasts. The following quote from a humble, expert economist I respect and admire, drives my point: …there’s something I learnt in this field three to four decades ago. It doesn’t matter how many ifs, buts and caveats one sticks around a subject, people still want to know […]

  • Realism


    The following tweet, I first found in 2014 has served me well. This is how I almost always look at things, generally. Stop wishing. Start adapting. THE PESSIMIST COMPLAINS ABOUT THE WIND;THE OPTIMIST EXPECTS IT TO CHANGE;THE REALIST ADJUSTS THE SAILS. WILLIAM A. WARD ↵ Back to Bookmarks page.

  • Making time for learning and goals

    Making time for learning and goals

    We often forget that anything in life takes time. That’s why the first step toward getting better at something is learning how to make time for it.   Fresh start effect. This psychological phenomenon makes people see the beginning of a new year (or a new semester, month or even week) as an opportunity to distance themselves […]

  • Books I read in 2021

    Here is the modest list of books I read in 2021.

  • 2021 Workouts

    I exercised 142 times in 2021. When I took a count in July, I anticipated missing about 10 workouts through the remainder of the year, but I actually missed just one. At 3x per week, I was lucky enough to work out about 47 of 52 weeks. That makes 2021 yet another good year in […]

  • Todoist Karma Enlightenment

    Almost three years ago, I moved to Todoist to manage my todos and projects. Today I am thrilled to receive the following email from Todoist. I only vaguely know about the Todoist Karma feature. I haven’t taken time to explore the Karma feature as it is related to stats and is tangential to how I […]