Month: October 2021

  • Lockdown update

    Among other things happening in my life, I almost forgot that today is day 75 of the lockdown that started on 18th August. Here are today‚Äôs case stats shared by a nice person on Twitter. This is the longest ever lockdown since this plague started in 2020 God knows where and how. Just like almost […]

  • Worldwide WP 5K 2021 Walk

    Today I completed the 20201 edition of the WWWP 5K run walk. I opted to walk instead of run because I was with my family. Today is the official last day for the run, and the weather was wet in the morning so I wasn’t sure but then the day got drier by mid-day so […]

  • No thanks. Not now. Not ever.

    It is really amazing how Twitter tries to remind you to enable notifications. But I am good at declining things.

  • Awful ICICIDirect phone support

    Just this afternoon, I shared an anecdote about how, in 2021, it is still painful to generally access customer support across the board. As fate would have it, I had to call a company called, and I did run into the exact icky situation I was ranting about. Here is the transcript: 0:02 – […]

  • Contacting companies is still cumbersome in 2021

    I am just reading the print edition of the August/September issue of the Rural Living magazine (online edition here). The following editorial piqued my interest and confirmed what I know is generally true with most customer support. Although this article is aimed at New Zealand businesses, anecdotally, I know the state of customer support elsewhere […]