February 2021

  • Lockdown — third wave

    We had anoth­er —third so far — lock­down in Auck­land from Valen­tine’s Day’s mid­night, but luck­i­ly it last­ed only three days as ini­tial­ly stip­u­lat­ed. Auck­land went from Lev­el 1 to Lev­el 3, 4 being most restric­tive. The rest of New Zealand stayed at Lev­el 1. I was stressed not because the lock­down was abrupt but because it aggra­vat­ed my… Read more

  • Lessons from “What I learned by losing a million dollars” book: issue 1

    In the July of 2020, I read What I learned by los­ing a mil­lion dol­lars book. I blogged a quote that I loved from that book. But there are many nuggets of wis­dom and life lessons in the three chap­ters in the sec­ond sec­tion of the book titled Lessons Learned. While this book is about the author’s per­son­al sto­ry of how he lost mon­ey… Read more

  • Auckland Anniversary Day

    In 2010 I first land­ed in Auck­land and instant­ly fell in love with the city. So much that I applied for per­ma­nent res­i­den­cy right in that first week. Like any wor­thy endeav­ors, some effort, some uncer­tain­ty, a bit of dra­ma, and a lot of luck helped me real­ize my dream. In the end, it all worked out in my… Read more