Month: March 2019

  • Twitter’s half-truth about its app settings

    Bill Bennett, a local technology journalist I respect, tweeted a CNN Business article about Twitter’s overzealous algorithm. That article quoted a Twitter spokesperson: … We will continue to work to improve our efforts here, and people always have the option of turning off our curation if they just want to see content from the people they […]

  • I ♥️ NZ

    Reason number 1143 why I love NZ.

  • Well done, New Zealand!

    #BREAKING The Civil Aviation Authority is suspending operations of Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft both in and out of New Zealand. — RNZ (@radionz) March 12, 2019

  • Fibre upgrade

    After about fourteen months on 100 Mbps fibre connection, I asked to double the speed of my internet to 200 Mbps for a $15 extra per month. I will see how long I go before I get used to this new, high speed and stop appreciating it. So far so good, although I am a […]

  • Twitter is changing my timeline preferences

    Recently I wrote about how I reduced the noise on my Twitter timeline by changing the default timeline preference from top tweets to the latest tweets. Since then I noticed that from time to time my timeline preference is falling back to top tweets without my intervention. But I wasn’t totally sure because I did […]