Month: April 2018

  • I love you, Auckland.

    I ♥️ Auckland. (It’s worth taking a moment here and there to cherish your blessings.)

  • My time is not free!

    I see at least two bad assumptions made in these texts. Do you see too?

  • Gave up on Mac’s Hot Corners

    I recently learned some Mac tips and one of the things I was excited about and tried is Hot Corners. But after a few months of trying them they proved to be Annoying Corners. I often accidentally send my mouse pointer to one of the corners of the screen and invoke them inadvertently. So I […]

  • Flossing

    I started a tiny habit: flossing my teeth. I have been trying to start flossing for many months now. I brush my teeth every night but I know brushing twice a day is not enough to keep a really good dental hygiene. I knew I needed to start flossing at some point because it is good to […]

  • Meaning of personal freedom

    I loved the following definition of personal freedom I found in an Indian actor’s twitter bio I discovered via my colleague’s tweet. Freedom (n.): To ask nothing. To expect nothing. To depend on nothing.