Month: January 2018

  • Great article I read about proactiveness

    Yesterday I came across the following tweet by David of Raptitude, one of the few blogs I read and recommend. Really excellent stuff from @jdroth Becoming proactive: The number-one secret to wealth, freedom, and happiness — David Cain (@DavidDCain) January 16, 2018 The article in that tweet is a great read regardless of your life situation. If […]

  • Fibre, finally!

    After 6 years of putting up with sub-standard internet speeds, technologies, and data caps, I am so glad to be finally on uncapped fibre connection! Thank you Spark and Chorus for very quick setup.

  • Candid advice

    This wise man has read my mind. sure things are changing but the rot is so deep, it cannot change fast enough to make a difference in one lifetime. You have one life. Not worth wasting your time chasing these guys. Do everything to avoid — Ram (@ramprasad_c) December 27, 2017

  • Passwords in plain text in 2018

    Finding it hard to digest that some businesses are sending passwords in plain text in 2018 :facepalm:

  • My New Year Day