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Jeju Island, South Korea

I am having great time at my team meet up in the Jeju Island in South Korea. I am working next to my super smart colleagues from all over the world (we work remotely for most part of the year), learning new things, having great food, exploring the city and generally having a good time.

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I found this list of 25 free macOS apps every Mac user should have, which I found on my twitter feed, interesting.

I already use some apps like Wunderlist, Slack and VLC mentioned in that list. But one app that I felt I could use is Itsycal. It shows the calendar from the menu bar; something I wish the default time date / time app on Mac showed. Itsycal also connected to the calendar app on the Mac and synched all the events. I am no longer using the default time app on the menu bar. Now my calendar is just Ctrl + I away.

Try Itsycal!