Yet another leg day 🏋️

I both love and hate the leg day work­outs. I love because the gains of one hour of work last for the next 48 hours. No oth­er exer­cise gets you that much in return. I hate because it is incred­i­bly hard (assum­ing you are not muck­ing around and try­ing to push your­self) to do swings and squats hold­ing weights and keep­ing the cor­rect form.

Fac­ing every sin­gle Thurs­day feels ter­ri­ble. But I suck it up hold the weights any­way. It is not that scary once I shut my mind and take the bar­bell onto my shoul­der.


2 responses to “Yet another leg day 🏋️”

  1. Tired and sore! Remem­ber Why you start­ed! 🙂
    This is my quote for the day!

  2. That’s a great quote. Thanks for shar­ing! 🙂

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